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Yoel Ben David went on staff with Jews for Jesus in Israel in 2004. Since then Yoel has served with them in Israel, the United States and, for three years, as the Director of their work in the United Kingdom.


During his years of service with the organization, Yoel completed his BA at Israel College of the Bible and his MA at Western Seminary.


A year ago, Yoel took the position as missionary trainer in Israel where he is starting to train local missionaries, interns and short term groups to do ministry.


Yoel is married to Adel and they have four children. They live in a suburb of Tel Aviv.


Keep in touch: Yoel.bendavid@jewsforjesus.org







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August 2014


Dear Friends,


It has been an exciting summer! As I am sure you are aware, we have been living through a war here in Israel. While Adel and I are not new to the troubled life of living in Israel, having come back from the UK just a year ago, it was more unsettling than we thought it might be. I think for me, the most shocking moment was running into a building during a siren with my 12-year-old daughter Noa, most of the time we have been at home and have needed to merely enter the shelter inside our apartment. Having my children in danger and not just me has definitely changed the experience of this war.


Yet despite this event, I think what Adel and I have struggled with most during the war has been that there are Palestinian children with no shelter. The use, or rather misuse, of children in every local conflict in the Middle East (Gaza and Iraq) is terribly unsettling to Adel and me. It has transformed our prayers.

It has brought the urgency of our ministry to the people of Israel to the fore of our minds. This has coincided with an increase in the number of people I have been able to meet over the last few months because of not having any regular trainees to be investing in at the moment.


One of them has been Jason. Jason is an orthodox Jew that has been feeling disillusioned about Judaism and certainly struggling at the Yeshiva (Jewish version of seminary) he is going to. We spoke over the phone several times, each conversation running for quite a while as Jason struggled with some of the basic points of perspective that Christians and Jews have with the Bible. Orthodox Jewish people start from the perspective that God is all about rules. Jason understood that he must believe in Jesus but he wanted to know what he had to ‘do’. As I explained to him the idea that he need to nothing to be saved but he must give his life to Jesus as a believer, Jason struggled. Why? Because he wasn’t familiar with the living out the concept of a relationship with God. In Jason’s world, God has been explained like a big and somewhat complex coke machine. You put good deeds in and you get blessings out. Some blessing in this world and some in the next.


I told Jason that God isn’t a machine. He wants more than your actions, he wants your heart. After our phone calls I was eventually able to travel up to the town he lives in and spend some time with him and bring him books, including the New Testament. His journey continues please be praying for him.

A journey coming towards its close however is Adam’s. He has been coming to my church and my bible study for a while. He comes from a broken home and has a child of his own that he sees little of, however he has developed a great love for Jesus. We have been meeting together over the last few months to discuss discipleship and his faith as he prepares for baptism. I hope the next time I write I will be able to send you a picture!


Adam is one of the people that have been able to spend more time with because of an opportunity that came my way this summer. Over the last seven weeks I have been acting pastor at my church. This means I have been running the services both on Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday is the day off here so most people come to congregation then. Sunday is normally a service where people who are not Israelis attend. However, we always have about 5 interested locals come regularly on Sundays because they think that is the Christian day. Anyway, be it Sunday or Saturday, there are always open Jewish people at service and it has brought into contact with several people at different points in their journey.


Since being back in Israel, not only have I been to minister to new people like Jason and Adam, but I have been able to meet some of the people that I visited before leaving 6yrs ago. Some of them have come to my bible study even. One man, called Israel, prayed with me to commit his life to Jesus, about 7yrs ago. He still believes in the Lord and attends church. Another young guy came up to me at a picnic a few weeks ago. He shook my hand and said, “You may not remember me, but you came to visit me when I was 17. After your time with me I became a believer in Jesus. I am now married and I live near Tel Aviv where I go to church”. Wow! I was shocked. God is so good and faithful to grow some of the seeds we sow, sometimes not knowing what he does with it.


Finally please keep praying for Eyal and his wife Rahel. In my last letter, a few months ago, I asked you to pray for them because Adel and I had been able to get into some great conversations with them. However, over the last few months, perhaps due to the war, we haven’t been able to meet up and catch up. Please pray that God brings us together and that we can spend some more time sharing and caring for them.


Your brother in Messiah,

Yoel Ben David



May 2014


Dear Friends,


Hello from Tel Aviv! I have recently returned from my time of speaking on the Passover in Washington and Oregon. I really enjoyed spending time with wonderful people who are serving Jesus in many different ways, from farming to finance. Yet it was the best to be back here with my family at the end of my travels.

As Jews for Jesus, Adel and I are very grateful to everyone who has been thinking of us and praying for us. Thank you! It is always a great encouragement to see God’s response to your prayers in our lives. To illustrate that, let me tell you about something that took place on one of the weirdest days of our lives.

Adel, a chicken, and the presence of the Lord.


I was at the office that day, but Adel had taken the children to their afternoon clubs. While she was there, Adel noticed the children trying to roll backwards by getting their legs over their heads. Having once done this in her youth, my sporty wife decided to show the children how it is done. Unfortunately Adel forgot that we lose elasticity as we get older, and pulled a muscle in her neck. Despite the slight pain, Adel waited for the kids to finish their clubs and then drove to collect me from the local train station. Leaving the car park Adel bumped into something and realized…this is just one of those days.


When Adel picked me up at the train station I saw that her posture looked crooked because of the way she was holding her neck. As we drove home, she told me about the eventful day she had. We began to laugh about other such days in the past as we were walking up to our apartment when we begin to smell smoke. Worried that the building is burning we rush up to our place. As we open the door we realized that the smoke was coming from our home. It was not the cloud of the Lord, it was the chicken soup Adel had left on the gas.


The grace of God was then seen in our lives in several ways. Firstly nothing had burned in our house except the pot and the poor chicken. Forgive the references to Leviticus, but it was definitely a burnt offering at this point. Second, Adel did not get upset. In fact, she giggled about it shortly afterwards. Lastly, while we were clearing the smoke from the house, our neighbours took us in. They were wonderful and caring and we stayed chatting with them. The conversation about the smoke led to a chat about our faith in Jesus. Adel and I stayed with Eyal and Rahel all evening until midnight. Please pray that we continue to have time with our neighbours and others in our area.


Training so far:


At our Jews for Jesus offices here in Tel Aviv, things are no less exciting for me as trainer. I am coming towards the end of training my very first trainee. David Minsky is ending his first semester as he prepares bible studies and works on his theology. David has had his ups and downs but I pray he will be a great addition to our youth and young adult ministry here in Israel. Please be praying for wisdom for me as I help him transition into his ministry role.


I would also like to ask for prayer for my own studies. I am currently working through my final semester at Western Seminary. I will finish with an MA in Ministry and Leadership which I hope prepares me for future studies. Yet for now I will glad to complete this chapter and focus on the events coming up later this year which I will be preparing for.


As you may have heard, we will be holding another campaign in Israel this year for which I will be leading the training. Please pray for the training class which already has six students.


I will also be training our discipleship/evangelism groups coming in during the summer. We have one group from the USA and one group of local Israelis in a program called Massah.


I would also like you to pray for our next missionary training class which we hope will take place in November.


Please remember Eyal and Rahel as Adel and I continue to ‘bump’ into them in our building.


Your brother in Messiah,

Yoel Ben David






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