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Nicole began working with the Student Ministry of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) in 1996, after she graduated from Oregon State University. Since then she has worked with university students in the US and around the world. After working with the Campus Ministry at the University of Washington in Seattle, she then spent 10 years in Florence, Italy serving as the Campus Director at the University of Florence and then as the National Student Director for Italy. She found her way back to Portland, Oregon for four years to work on the Northwest Regional Global Missions Team for Cru, helping to  mobilize staff, students and faculty to go to the world, and also coaching Cru Interns serving internationally to help launch Student Led Movements around the world.


In the fall of 2016, Nicole moved back overseas to work with Cru (called Agape UK) in Britain and to serve as the Associate Student Director for the UK. She is helping to coach and develop Agape Staff and also part of the local student team in London. After nearly 20 years of working with University students, she still loves getting to see students come to know Christ, to grow in their faith and to challenge them to come help change the world.


Nicole says, “When I think about being a part of helping to fulfill the Great Commission by launching Student Led Movements around the world, what I envision are movements of students from every tribe, tongue and nation who are boldly declaring, 'I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.' Students who have understood the truth of the gospel, are growing in their faith who love Jesus above all other things and are galvanized to not only reach their own campuses, but are compelled to mobilize others to go to and make disciples.”





This has been such a great first term. Please continue to pray for our Student Leaders that they would grow in their love for Jesus and keep taking steps of faith to share the gospel at their Uni’s.


I will be speaking at the Baltimore Winter Conference on December 30th for their Global Missions Night. Pray that the Lord would give me the words He wants me to share.


Over the next eight months, I need to raise $837 in monthly support. Much of this is lost support over the last year. Pray that I would diligently do this and be reminded how the Lord has always provided all I need.






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December 2017


Greetings from Snowy London! It would be appropriate to say that “The weather outside is frightful” right now, but it’s a nice touch with Christmas just around the corner. As I reflect over the past couple of months, there is much to celebrate. September kicked off our new school year and our London Team saw not only our Student Leader Team grow, but we have more than doubled the number of campuses we have students on. We are praying that we would see student led movements on 8 campuses by the end of the year. It has been so wonderful to watch these students who have such a heart so see their friends and classmates know Jesus. I have really enjoyed our student work this fall. I have seen a sweet friend of mine take some significant steps toward faith in Jesus and about a month ago I started a Bible study with some women at Kings College. I feel like I am new staff all over again, it’s been so cool to see God at work.


October had quite a few fun extra’s. I was able to speak at the Fall Getaway for University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, which was such a sweet reminder of why I love working with College Students. Then our National Leadership Team, went with our humanitarian aid Partner, GAIN, to serve at a refugee camp on Lesbos Island in Greece (the update is on the back). We also had some City meetings, to talk about what it looks like to do ministry in the context of a major world City.


November until now, I have been traveling to visit our teams around the UK. I am feeling so much more settled into my role and these visits have been really good. I enjoy getting to hear the vision our staff have for their Universities and how they are getting to invest their lives in students. I learn so much getting a chance to be with them in their cities, pray that I would continue to keep learning about the UK and the needs of our team leaders and staff.

As Christmas approaches, there are so many things I am grateful for, but as always one of the biggest, is you and your partnership in the gospel. Thank You for investing in my life and in the lives of students and staff around the world!


Come, Thou long expected Jesus Born to set Thy people free; From our fears and sins release us, Let us find our rest in Thee. Israel’s Strength and Consolation, Hope of all the earth Thou art; Dear Desire of Every Nation, Joy of every longing heart.


Merry Christmas with Love,




GAIN Greece Trip to Lesbos Island


Here was my attempt to put into words this transformational experience that we had on Lesbos Island

“Over the past two weeks I have been thinking quite a bit about Hope. How do we continue to Hope if you have learned to hate it? What keeps Hope alive? Today I was faced with a mountainside littered with thousands of life jackets from refugees who have arrived on the Island where we are serving. The Refugee Camp we are at is overwhelming and I am thinking about Hope once again. This week that Hope will shape my prayers as I serve. Lord, please give the people a hope and a future”

“Blooming Things. Yesterday I leaned over to pick up water bottles, dirty diapers and feces that had piled up in a toilet at camp. As I knelt to do it a woman leaned over and gently pulled my hair back from my eyes so I could see as I worked. The Bloom of my day! My teammates and I spent about four hours cleaning out a toilet and shower area on camp. It was a mess, but people jumped in to help us. And despite gagging many times, it was on of the greatest honors I have ever had to serve.” “….I saw these women and their families splashing in the sea the other day..the joy of the water! Just like my family and I at the river every summer in Glide. Just like me, that is what a person seeking refuge is. I have been thinking in these days about the term Refugee, this season of life so many find themselves in now. It is not a nationality or citizenship, they have families and countries they are from, and stories they are a part of, yes Just like me.”






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