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Nicole began working with the Student Ministry of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) in 1996, after she graduated from Oregon State University. Since then she has worked with university students in the US and around the world. After working with the Campus Ministry at the University of Washington in Seattle, she then spent 10 years in Florence, Italy serving as the Campus Director at the University of Florence and then as the National Student Director for Italy. She found her way back to Portland, Oregon for four years to work on the Northwest Regional Global Missions Team for Cru, helping to  mobilize staff, students and faculty to go to the world, and also coaching Cru Interns serving internationally to help launch Student Led Movements around the world.


In the fall of 2016, Nicole moved back overseas to work with Cru (called Agape UK) in Britain and to serve as the Associate Student Director for the UK. She is helping to coach and develop Agape Staff and also part of the local student team in London. After nearly 20 years of working with University students, she still loves getting to see students come to know Christ, to grow in their faith and to challenge them to come help change the world.


Nicole says, “When I think about being a part of helping to fulfill the Great Commission by launching Student Led Movements around the world, what I envision are movements of students from every tribe, tongue and nation who are boldly declaring, 'I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.' Students who have understood the truth of the gospel, are growing in their faith who love Jesus above all other things and are galvanized to not only reach their own campuses, but are compelled to mobilize others to go to and make disciples.”





1. Pray for our Agape Student Life Staff in this season of transition. We had  Seven Senior staff transition off staff this summer, most of them going to serve the local church, but transition is always hard. It's change of relationship and people are feeling that.


2. Pray for me, my goal is to visit every city with a Student Life Team by April and to sit down with all of our staff and get to know them. I want to listen, to hear what are the things they love about what they do, what is hard for them etc.. and to just come alongside and listen. In my role as the Associate Student Life Director, caring for our staff is one of my most strategic roles.


3. Pray for our Student Led Movements in London. Pray that on each of our three campuses (Kings College, London School of Economics and City University) that the Lord would raise up more student leaders. Pray that we would have Student Leaders with a heart to reach non Christian Students on their campus and that they would see their campuses as an opportunity to be involved where God is already at work in the lives of Students.


4. An area where I have been asked to give leadership to is in partnership and collaboration. We recognize that Agape is only a part of God's Kingdom work in the UK, but we would love to partner and collaborate with local churches and other organizations so that in the UK people would experience God's unconditional Love where they Study, Work and Live. Pray for me as I seek to help make Agape more visible. There are many opportunities to meet and network, but please pray for strength and energy for me as I meet new people. Especially now in this season of grief, those social settings, which I love, are more draining than they would normally be.






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January 2017


A Celebration and an Anniversary




Happy New Year--only ever so slightly late!!! I landed back in London on the 3rd of January after a relaxing time at home for Christmas with my mom. It was great to be with her and to also see lots of dear friends as well. We celebrated Christmas thinking of my dad of course, but in some ways it was much easier than we had imagined our first Christmas without him would be.


Since coming back the weeks have been full, but really rich. I had a good friend come to town to visit and then got to join her and other sweet friends at our Spain Midyear Conference. Getting a chance to connect with friends and other international staff at our Spain Midyear is always such a highlight and this year I even got to teach one of the main sessions on "Love Your Team." Locally our Kings Student Team has been really encouraged by the vision of some of our student leaders to really reach their university for Christ. We see a real change in how they are viewing their campus and that has been encouraging. Be praying for our team and students that we would take bold steps of faith in the power of the Spirit over the next six months, leaving the results to God.


You may have noticed the title on this message, 'A Celebration and an Anniversary'. This coming weekend is the 50th Anniversary of Agape UK (Campus Crusade for Christ) and we are having a conference of nearly 400 Staff, Students, Former Staff, Local Church Partners and Ministry Partners all coming together to Celebrate what God has done and to look ahead together at what it means to keep Following Jesus with our Whole Lives. This is the link to the site if you want to check it out: Agapé - 50 Years. But pray for our time together that it would help us to once again Fix our Eyes on Jesus and Rejoice that He is King.


The following weekend marks another significant event in my life and in the life of my family, the one year anniversary of my dad's death. This month has been quite hard in so many ways as my mind often circles back to the coming day and how much I wish I could just see my dad or talk to him. I feel like my heart is so tender right now, actually fragile is probably a better word. I don't know what to anticipate on the 12th, but I would covet your prayers. I am talking with a friend about possibly going away that weekend, but we still need to decide.


Sending you Lots of Love from Jolly Old England,








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