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Mike became a Christian in 1976, the second day of College at Truman State University. After college he went on to Dallas Seminary and earned a Masters in Theology in 1988. He became a Fireman/Paramedic in Dallas from 1989-1993.


In 1994 Mike went to Holland with Christar as a missionary to reach Hindustani immigrants.


The people we work with were originally from India. However when slavery was abolished, Holland got people from India, Indonesia and China to work in the sugar cane fields located in Dutch Guiana. In 1975 Dutch Guiana became independent and became Surinam. At that time people could choose to stay in Surinam or come to Holland as citizens. About half of the population came to Holland and they have continued to come since that time.


We started having meetings on Sundays in 1996 with some people who came to Christ. We have grown through the years slowly, but spiritually we have several people that are mature well grounded believers. We did not have men for the longest time but we now have a men's group of 5 including two missionaries. One of the men is very mature and another one has been growing and leads the music in our services on Sundays. 80% of the people we work with are Hindu and 20% of the population is Muslim.


We used to meet in our homes but in the last few years we have rented a room in a Baptist church. Our main strategy is making contacts and friendships with Hindustanies and telling them about Christ. A major factor in this is the people in our church reaching out to their families and friends. They have started doing that which has greatly increased our witness as a church.





For traveling mercies to and from Oregon, as well as back to Holland on January 1st.


That God would continue to enable Sherwin and Henk as they lead and teach.


That the people in the church would continue to grow in the Lord.


That my time with my family would go well.


That God would prepare me to go back to Holland and use me in people’s lives.




That I traveled to and from the East Coast, as well as 10,000 total miles, safely.


That I have visited most of my supporters and all of my supporting churches.


That my visits to churches have gone well.


That Sherwin and Henk are doing such a great job leading the fellowship.


That Tanglewood Bible Fellowship has started supporting me.







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December 2017




My time in Dallas went very well. I spoke at Victor Street Bible Chapel on October 22nd and then Edmonds Lane Bible Chapel on the 29th. I spoke at Tanglewood Bible Fellowship in Duncan, Oklahoma, on the 5th of November. I have been visiting them since before I went out on the field. They have decided to support me which was great news. I always enjoy visiting them, they are very encouraging and missions minded. After that I visited supporters along the East coast and ended up in Philadelphia where I spoke at Wilmington Christian Chapel in Wilmington, Delaware, on the 19th. I was able to meet my brother, sister and brother in law in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for Thanksgiving. I have one more church to visit in December, North Umpqua Bible Church in Glide, Oregon, on December 10th.


I am hoping for the rest of December to get a start on putting lesson plans and PowerPoints together for the course I am teaching in January. It will be nice to stay with my dad and brother’s family as well. I have not celebrated Christmas with my family in quite a few years.




De Ontmoeting


I have been really encouraged with how smoothly things have gone at our church in Holland. The men have stepped up and done a great job. People have been good about coming, as well. I thought that there might be a lower attendance, but most of the people have continued to attend through this time. It is so nice to have been able to take this step toward independence. My goal, of course, is to work myself out of a job. It looks like we are making progress toward that goal.


In Christ,

Mike Duffy





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