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Mike became a Christian in 1976, the second day of College at Truman State University. After college he went on to Dallas Seminary and earned a Masters in Theology in 1988. He became a Fireman/Paramedic in Dallas from 1989-1993.


In 1994 Mike went to Holland with Christar as a missionary to reach Hindustani immigrants.


The people we work with were originally from India. However when slavery was abolished, Holland got people from India, Indonesia and China to work in the sugar cane fields located in Dutch Guiana. In 1975 Dutch Guiana became independent and became Surinam. At that time people could choose to stay in Surinam or come to Holland as citizens. About half of the population came to Holland and they have continued to come since that time.


We started having meetings on Sundays in 1996 with some people who came to Christ. We have grown through the years slowly, but spiritually we have several people that are mature well grounded believers. We did not have men for the longest time but we now have a men's group of 5 including two missionaries. One of the men is very mature and another one has been growing and leads the music in our services on Sundays. 80% of the people we work with are Hindu and 20% of the population is Muslim.


We used to meet in our homes but in the last few years we have rented a room in a Baptist church. Our main strategy is making contacts and friendships with Hindustanies and telling them about Christ. A major factor in this is the people in our church reaching out to their families and friends. They have started doing that which has greatly increased our witness as a church.





That I would love the Lord and live out Scripture in my daily life.


That we as a church would make new contacts and see new people come to Christ.


That believers in our fellowship would grow in Christ.


That Xannegy would come to know the Lord and grow in Him.


That God would use the book of Revelation to encourage our church to look expectantly for the coming of our Lord.


That unbelievers would come to our upcoming Easter service.


That Waldo, Soenita-D, Toby, Soenita-S, Ravi, San­tosh, Bea, Vikash, Manisha, Michael, Stanley, Mar­cel, Kasper, Marketa, Rajesh, Sylvia, Denise, Mario, Rab, Arian, Siefra, Didi, Joshua, Reshma, Kees, Malti, and Haisnan would come to know Christ.





That our Christmas and Thanks-giving Services went well.


That Soerin is growing in the faith and identifying himself as a believer.


That the teenagers are showing some signs of growth and interest in pursuing the Lord.


That Xannegy is meeting with Santaya and Shula for Bible study.


That every adult in our fellowship is in Bible study.


That Shula has made a full recovery from her colon operation.





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February 2017


Christmas Service


Our Christmas service on De­cember 26th went really well. We were encouraged that we had eight non-Christians that came. Five were Dutch atheists, which surprised me. The Gospel was crystal clear. I can­not say anyone came to Christ, but it is always nice to have the oppor­tunity to share an extended expla­nation of the Gospel. We always have a nice time eating afterwards. Several people mentioned how they liked my Sloppy Joes.


Thanks-giving Service


We have a Thanks-giving Ser­vice at the end of January each year. There is no sermon. Everyone chooses a song and then shares why they are thankful for what God did for them in the prior year. The people really enjoy it very much. We give people the chance to share praises each Sunday during the service, but this is a nice oppor­tunity to concentrate on thanking God for all He has done in our lives.


De Ontmoeting


Soerin prayed to receive Christ in January of last year. He has grown tremendously in that time. We meet every Thursday night for Bible study and have been going through a disciple­ship study called “The Mailbox Club,” which is translated into Dutch. It has a lot about our identity in Christ, as well as victory over sin. I enjoy going through it over and over again since I use it with others as well. It has some important reminders. The women are going through it in their study as well.


Someone at Soerin’s work asked him what religion he was. He thought about it, and it shocked him to say for the first time that he was a Christian. His whole life he had said Hindu, of course. He told his sisters that he had come to Christ. I did not encourage him to do that. He just did it on his own. I am amazed at what is going on in his life.


He is in Suriname now visiting his mother. He is not sure if he will tell his mom or not, since he is afraid she will take it hard. I think his mother will notice a change in him and it will come up naturally. Some of his sisters had positive things to say but at least one made several negative comments.


One thing good about Holland is that for the most part people in our fellowship keep their relationships with their family when they come to Christ. They make disparaging comments, but they continue to have a relationship with them, which is nice. I have been praying for God to protect him spiritually while he is visiting his family. We have discussed how Satan wants him out of commission and will do anything to keep him from being a testimony of God’s grace.


I meet with the younger teenagers/young men during the day once a week. Over the years I have been able to write some papers defending Christianity in Dutch. Things like the existence of God, evolution, the problem of evil, the evidence for the resurrection of Christ and the reliability of the Bible. We have been going through that and it has been going great. They are not at that point where they are living out their own faith on a daily basis, but I do think that God will use this to jump start them in their pursuit of God. I just want them to know that what we believe is not absurd and that it has great evidence, which, by the way, is better than that of atheism. I am encouraged that they have Bible study with me once a week and expose themselves to Scripture. We have to reach the younger generation.


As we have been going through the book of Revelation, chapters 2 and 3 are a stark reminder of this. All the churches that Paul and the Apostles started eventually closed their doors. Every church is one generation away from extinction. I think I am seeing them take some beginning steps in walking with God on their own and not just living out the faith of their parents. I sure wish I had the formula to get kids to start living out their own faith. It is really a challenge, as we all know. But anytime they are willing to meet for Bible study, that is a great sign. God’s word is what changes lives.


Another younger lady in our fellowship, Xannegy, is meeting with her sister Santaya and Shula in Bible study too. It is exciting to see how God gets ahold of people’s hearts through His word. I do not think that Xannegy is a believer yet, but she has been coming to church and is now meeting with some of our younger women in Bible study.


We are through chapter 12 in the book of Revelation. I have enjoyed teaching through the book. People enjoy it too, but find it difficult. My goal is that we will all grow in our desire to see our Lord come back.


In Christ,

Mike Duffy





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